Who is the Most Famous Cat on the Internet? A Comprehensive Look at Feline Celebrities


The Rise of Cat Videos on the Internet

  • The internet has become a platform for cat lovers to share their feline friends with the world.
  • With the advent of social media, cat videos have become increasingly popular, with millions of views and shares.
  • Cat videos are not just entertaining, but they also provide a way for cat owners to connect with others who share their love for cats.
  • YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for cat videos, with channels dedicated solely to showcasing cats in all their glory.
  • Some of the most popular cat videos feature cats doing funny or silly things, such as playing with toys or reacting to everyday situations.
  • Other cat videos focus on the beauty and grace of cats, showcasing their agility and flexibility as they jump and play.
  • Overall, the rise of cat videos on the internet has created a new form of feline celebrity, with some cats becoming more famous than others.

Why Cats Have Captivated the Online World

  • Cats have been a part of human society for thousands of years, with their first domestication dating back to ancient Egypt.
  • However, it wasn’t until the internet became a widely accessible platform that cats truly became a global phenomenon.
  • The rise of social media and video-sharing sites such as YouTube allowed for the rapid sharing of cat content, making them an integral part of the online world.
  • One of the reasons cats have become so popular online is due to their unique combination of independence and affection towards their owners.
  • They are often seen as a source of relaxation and comfort, which is why many people find them entertaining to watch online.
  • Another reason for their popularity is the vast array of cat breeds, each with their own distinct personalities and characteristics.
  • This allows for a never-ending supply of cat content, with each breed bringing something new and interesting to the table.
  • Furthermore, the accessibility of cat ownership has increased due to the internet, as people can now research and purchase cats online, making them more accessible to a wider audience.
  • In conclusion, cats have captivated the online world due to their unique traits, accessibility, and the vast array of breeds available, making them a beloved part of the internet.

Who is the most famous cat on the internet? This is a question that has been asked by many, and it’s a difficult one to answer. With so many cats gracing the screens of our devices, it can be hard to determine which one is the most famous. But we’re here to set the record straight and give you a comprehensive look at the feline celebrities that have captured our hearts and attention. So, buckle up and get ready to discover who is the most famous cat on the internet.

The Top Contenders for the Title of Most Famous Cat

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat, born as Tardar Sauce, is a Tabby and White Shorthair cat from Morristown, Arizona. She gained her fame after her owner posted a photo of her on Reddit in 2012. Her unique facial expression, which resembles a permanent scowl, caught the attention of netizens worldwide, and she quickly became an internet sensation.

Grumpy Cat’s fame grew exponentially, and she soon became a viral meme sensation. Her scowling face was featured in countless memes, videos, and even merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, and plush toys. Her owner, Tabatha Bundesen, even founded the Grumpy Cat Limited, a company that manages her brand and image rights.

Grumpy Cat’s popularity transcended borders, and she was featured in numerous television shows, movies, and even a documentary on Lifetime titled “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever.” She has been featured on Good Morning America, Today Show, and CNN, among others. She even became the face of Friskies cat food.

Despite her fame, Grumpy Cat’s owners insist that she is a very friendly and affectionate cat who loves attention and is not as grumpy as her expression suggests. However, her grumpy face remains her most famous trait, and she continues to be an internet sensation and beloved celebrity cat.

Keyboard Cat

Keyboard Cat is a meme that features a white cat named “Keyboard” playing the keyboard with its paws. The original video was uploaded to YouTube in 2007 by Charlie Schmidt, who discovered the cat’s unusual talent during a piano lesson. Since then, the video has been remixed and edited into various musical and comedic scenarios, making it one of the most popular and iconic memes on the internet.

The Keyboard Cat meme has become a symbol of internet culture and has been featured in numerous TV shows, movies, and commercials. The meme has also inspired many imitators, with people attempting to recreate the magic by training their own cats to play the keyboard. However, none have been able to replicate the charm and charisma of the original Keyboard Cat.

Despite its popularity, the origin of Keyboard Cat remains a mystery. Schmidt has stated that he found the cat in a parking lot and that it was already trained to play the keyboard. Some speculate that the cat may have been a stunt double for a previous owner, while others believe that it was a trained show cat that had gone missing. Regardless of its origins, Keyboard Cat has left an indelible mark on internet history and remains one of the most beloved and iconic memes of all time.

Lil Bub

Lil Bub is a perplexing and unique-looking cat that has captured the hearts of millions of internet users. She was born in 2011 in the United States and quickly gained popularity due to her unusual appearance. Bub has a genetic condition called “dwarfism” which affects her bone growth, resulting in her small size and unique proportions. Despite her physical differences, Lil Bub has become an internet sensation and a beloved celebrity among cat lovers worldwide.

One of the reasons for Lil Bub’s fame is her adorable and charming personality. She is known for her affectionate nature, and her owner, Mike Bridavsky, often shares heartwarming stories and videos of her interacting with people and other animals. Lil Bub’s famous “bubble gum” tongue, a result of her genetic condition, has become her signature trait and has made her even more endearing to her fans.

Lil Bub’s rise to fame has also been fueled by her owner’s efforts to promote her and raise awareness about special needs animals. Bridavsky has used his social media platforms to share stories and raise funds for animals with special needs, including Lil Bub’s own genetic condition, polydactylism. Through her popularity, Lil Bub has become a symbol of hope and inspiration for many people who care about animals and their welfare.

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Lil Bub’s internet presence has been a major factor in her success. She has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram and has appeared in numerous media outlets, including television shows, documentaries, and even a movie. Her unique appearance and charming personality have made her a favorite among cat lovers and have helped to establish her as one of the most famous cats on the internet.

Overall, Lil Bub’s success can be attributed to her unusual appearance, charming personality, and the efforts of her owner to promote her and raise awareness about special needs animals. She has become a beloved celebrity among cat lovers and has made a significant impact on the internet and the animal welfare community.

Others Worth Mentioning

While there are several cats that have gained internet fame, there are some that deserve an honorable mention. These feline celebrities may not have the same level of recognition as the top contenders, but they have still captured the hearts of many with their unique personalities and charm.

  • Tardar Sauce (Grumpy Cat): While Grumpy Cat may not be the most famous cat on the internet anymore, she was a pioneer in the world of internet cats. Her permanently scowling face became an internet sensation and she even landed a movie deal.
  • Colonel Meow: This Himalayan cat became famous for his long, fluffy coat and his penchant for laziness. He holds the Guinness World Record for the “Longest Cat” and has appeared on various TV shows and commercials.
  • Mitten: This fluffy white cat gained fame on Instagram for his adorable expression and cute antics. He has since become a brand ambassador for various cat-related products.
  • Nala Cat: This Bengal cat has gained a large following on social media for her stunning looks and playful personality. She has even written a book about her life and has been featured in various cat-related campaigns.
  • Bart and Jim (It’s Just a Cat): These two cats gained fame on YouTube for their playful antics and humorous commentary on life as a cat. Their channel has amassed millions of subscribers and they have even written a book about their adventures.

While these cats may not be the most famous on the internet, they still have a dedicated following and have made a significant impact on the world of cat culture.

The Impact of Social Media on Feline Fame

Social media has played a significant role in catapulting certain feline celebrities to international stardom. In the past, cats might have been known only within their local communities, but with the advent of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, they can now reach a global audience. This has allowed for a much larger pool of potential cat celebrities, as anyone with a camera and an internet connection can now share their cat’s antics with the world.

The impact of social media on feline fame cannot be overstated. Social media has made it easier than ever for cat owners to share their pets’ stories and adventures with the world. Cats that were once only known within their households can now become internet sensations, with thousands or even millions of followers eagerly awaiting their next post. This has created a new avenue for cats to showcase their unique personalities and talents, and for their owners to connect with others who share their love of cats.

However, the rise of social media has also led to a saturation of the market. With so many cats vying for attention online, it can be difficult for any one cat to stand out from the crowd. As a result, some cats have turned to more extreme or controversial stunts in order to get noticed, such as engaging in dangerous or harmful behavior. This has led to a debate over the ethics of cat fame and whether it is appropriate to encourage such behavior for the sake of entertainment.

Overall, the impact of social media on feline fame has been both positive and negative. It has allowed for a much larger pool of potential cat celebrities and has connected cat lovers from all over the world. However, it has also led to a saturation of the market and has raised ethical concerns about the ways in which cats are being used for entertainment.

What Makes a Cat Go Viral?

Key takeaway: The rise of cat videos on the internet has created a new form of feline celebrity, with some cats becoming more famous than others. The top contenders for the title of most famous cat include Grumpy Cat, Keyboard Cat, and Lil Bub. Social media has played a significant role in catapulting certain feline celebrities to international stardom, and the ability to capture the hearts of audiences and inspire a following is what makes a cat go viral. High-quality videos and timing can also play a crucial role in a cat’s virality.

Adorable and Unique Features

  • Physical characteristics that are both unusual and appealing, such as a distinctive coat pattern or color, unique markings, or an unusual shape or size.
  • Expressive and engaging facial features, such as big eyes, expressive eyebrows, or a “smiling” face.
  • Playful and endearing behavior, such as jumping, playing with toys, or interacting with humans in a charming way.
  • Unique personalities that stand out from other cats, such as being particularly affectionate, vocal, or curious.
  • A strong online presence, such as through social media, YouTube videos, or Instagram accounts, that showcases their adorable and unique features and behavior.
  • Collaborations with popular brands, influencers, or celebrities that increase their visibility and popularity.
  • The ability to capture the hearts of audiences and inspire a following, whether through humor, cuteness, or a special bond with their human companions.

The Importance of High-Quality Videos

High-quality videos are a crucial component in making a cat go viral on the internet. Here are some reasons why:

  • Visual Appeal: High-quality videos capture the cat’s appearance and behavior in a visually appealing manner. Good lighting, clear audio, and high-resolution cameras can make the cat look more attractive and engaging to the viewer.
  • Entertainment Value: A well-made video can showcase the cat’s unique personality and talents, making it more entertaining for the viewer. For example, a cat with impressive jumping skills or a funny facial expression can become more endearing to the audience when captured in high-quality video.
  • Emotional Connection: High-quality videos can create an emotional connection between the cat and the viewer. A cat with a heartwarming story or a compelling backstory can elicit empathy and sympathy from the audience, leading to a greater emotional attachment to the cat.
  • Shareability: High-quality videos are more likely to be shared on social media platforms, which can lead to a cat’s virality. When a video is visually appealing and entertaining, it is more likely to be shared with others, leading to a higher chance of going viral.
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Overall, high-quality videos play a crucial role in making a cat go viral on the internet. By capturing the cat’s appearance, behavior, and personality in a visually appealing and entertaining manner, high-quality videos can create an emotional connection with the audience and increase the chances of a cat’s virality.

Timing and Luck

The internet is a vast and ever-changing landscape, and sometimes it’s hard to predict what will catch on and become a viral sensation. For cats, this phenomenon is no different. A cat’s popularity can be largely attributed to timing and luck.

The Power of Timing

Timing is a crucial factor in a cat’s rise to internet fame. If a cat’s viral video or image is posted at the right time, it can quickly gain traction and be shared by millions of people. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as during a major holiday or event, or when people are looking for a feel-good distraction from their daily lives.

The Role of Luck

Luck also plays a significant role in a cat’s success on the internet. For example, a cat’s appearance, behavior, or unique features may happen to align with what people are currently seeking or finding amusing. This can lead to a rapid increase in the cat’s popularity and following.

Additionally, the cat’s owner or caretaker may have a knack for marketing and promotion, which can further boost the cat’s visibility and reach. It’s important to note that these factors are often outside of the cat’s control, and can be fleeting, making it difficult to maintain long-term viral success.

Overall, timing and luck can play a significant role in a cat’s journey to internet stardom, but it’s important to remember that there are other factors at play as well, such as the cat’s unique characteristics and the efforts of its owner or caretaker.

The Business of Feline Celebrity

Sponsorships and Endorsements

Cats have become so popular on the internet that they have started to make a name for themselves in the business world. With their large following, cats have been able to secure sponsorships and endorsements from various brands. Here are some examples of feline celebrities who have been able to capitalize on their internet fame:

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, is one of the most famous cats on the internet. She became famous for her perpetually grumpy expression, which has been featured in countless memes and viral videos. Grumpy Cat has been able to secure endorsement deals with various brands, including Friskies, Purina, and Olay. She has also appeared in a TV show and a movie.

Lil Bub

Lil Bub is another internet cat sensation who has been able to secure sponsorships and endorsements. She has appeared in numerous videos and TV shows, and has been featured in advertisements for brands such as Nestle and Kia. Lil Bub has also been able to raise money for various charities through her internet fame.

Other Feline Celebrities

Other feline celebrities who have been able to secure sponsorships and endorsements include Colonel Meow, Henri the Cat, and Mr. Business. These cats have been able to leverage their internet fame to secure deals with various brands, including pet food companies, fashion brands, and technology companies.

In conclusion, the internet has created a new avenue for cats to become celebrities, and many have been able to capitalize on their fame by securing sponsorships and endorsements from various brands. This trend is likely to continue as more and more cats gain popularity on the internet.

Merchandise and Branding

Cats have become so popular on the internet that they have turned into celebrities, with millions of followers on social media. This has led to a new industry of feline merchandise and branding. These cats have their own brand identity, and they are marketed and promoted as such. In this section, we will take a closer look at the merchandise and branding aspect of feline celebrity.

The Merchandise

One of the most popular ways to monetize a feline celebrity is through merchandise. These cats have their own line of products, such as t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and other accessories. The merchandise is usually branded with the cat’s name or image, and it is marketed towards their fans. Some of the most popular feline celebrities have their own online stores, where fans can purchase merchandise directly from the cat’s official website.

The Branding

Feline celebrities are also branded in the same way as human celebrities. They have their own unique personalities, and they are marketed and promoted based on those personalities. For example, some cats are marketed as being cute and cuddly, while others are marketed as being fierce and independent. The branding of a feline celebrity is based on their unique traits and characteristics, and it is used to attract fans and followers.

The Impact on the Cat’s Life

The merchandise and branding aspect of feline celebrity can have a significant impact on the cat’s life. Some cats become so popular that they are able to make a living off of their celebrity status. They may be able to secure endorsement deals, sponsorships, and other opportunities based on their popularity. However, it is important to note that not all cats are cut out for the limelight, and some may become stressed or overwhelmed by the attention. It is important for feline celebrities to have a healthy work-life balance, and to ensure that they are not overworked or exploited.

The Future of Feline Celebrities

The future of feline celebrities looks bright, with more opportunities for cats to gain fame and fortune in the digital age. Here are some potential trends to look out for:

  • Increased Collaborations: Feline celebrities may partner with brands and businesses to promote products and services. These collaborations could include sponsored posts, commercials, and even product lines.
  • Virtual Reality Experiences: With the rise of virtual reality technology, it’s possible that we’ll see feline celebrities appearing in virtual reality experiences. Imagine being able to interact with Grumpy Cat in a virtual reality game!
  • Increased Social Causes: Feline celebrities may become more involved in social causes, using their platforms to raise awareness for issues such as animal welfare and environmental protection.
  • Feline-Focused Streaming Services: As streaming services become more popular, it’s possible that we’ll see the emergence of feline-focused streaming services. These services could feature content starring feline celebrities, as well as other cat-related programming.
  • Cat Influencers: In the future, we may see the rise of “cat influencers” – cats who have a large following on social media and use their platforms to promote products and services. These cat influencers could be the next big thing in the world of feline celebrity.
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The Lasting Appeal of Cats on the Internet

The Fascination with Cats

Cats have been a popular subject of interest for centuries, with their unique personalities and mesmerizing movements captivating the hearts of people across the globe. However, it is the advent of the internet that has catapulted these furry creatures into a realm of celebrity status.

The Internet as a Catalyst for Feline Fame

The internet has provided a platform for cats to showcase their talents, quirks, and charm to a wider audience than ever before. Social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter have given rise to a new generation of feline celebrities, with some amassing millions of followers and becoming household names.

The Viral Power of Cats

Cats have a unique ability to create viral content, with their hilarious antics and adorable expressions capturing the attention of audiences worldwide. From the infamous “surprised cat” meme to the mesmerizing “cat playing with yarn” videos, cats have become the stars of the internet, bringing joy and laughter to millions of people.

The Marketing Potential of Feline Celebrities

Feline celebrities have become a lucrative business, with many earning significant revenue from sponsorships, merchandise, and endorsements. Brands are eager to capitalize on the popularity of these cats, using them to promote everything from cat food to cell phones.

In conclusion, the lasting appeal of cats on the internet is a result of their unique personalities, viral content potential, and marketability. These feline celebrities have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, making them a force to be reckoned with in the world of celebrity culture.

The Impact of Feline Celebrities on Pop Culture

Feline celebrities have become an integral part of pop culture, leaving a lasting impact on the world of entertainment. Here are some ways in which they have influenced popular culture:

Inspiring Memes and Viral Content

Cats have been the subjects of countless memes and viral videos, showcasing their quirky personalities and humorous antics. These feline-themed memes have taken the internet by storm, sparking countless conversations and sharing among users. They have become a popular form of online entertainment, bringing people together and spreading joy.

Fostering Animal Awareness and Conservation

Feline celebrities have also played a role in raising awareness about animal welfare and conservation. Many famous cats have been rescued from shelters or found in unusual circumstances, bringing attention to the plight of stray and abandoned animals. They have become symbols of hope and inspiration, encouraging people to support animal rescue organizations and conservation efforts.

Transforming the Pet Industry

Feline celebrities have also had an impact on the pet industry, influencing trends and driving sales. They have inspired countless people to adopt cats and other pets, fueling the demand for pet-related products and services. They have also inspired new products and services, such as cat-themed clothing and accessories, cat cafes, and cat-friendly travel destinations.

In conclusion, feline celebrities have had a significant impact on pop culture, inspiring memes and viral content, fostering animal awareness and conservation, and transforming the pet industry. They have become beloved icons, bringing joy and inspiration to millions of people around the world.

What Does the Future Hold for Feline Fame?

  • Emerging Platforms for Feline Influence
    • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: As VR and AR technologies continue to advance, cats may be able to reach even larger audiences through immersive experiences.
    • Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots: AI-powered chatbots could potentially simulate conversations with cats, providing a new form of digital interaction for fans.
  • The Rise of Cat-Centric Social Media Platforms
    • CatTube: A platform dedicated exclusively to cat videos, CatTube could become a go-to destination for feline content and potentially spawn even more cat-based celebrities.
    • Purrfect Pics: A social media network focused on cat photography, Purrfect Pics could provide a unique platform for cat-based influencers to showcase their feline friends.
  • Collaborations with Human Celebrities
    • Feline Features in Film and Television: Cats may increasingly appear in movies and TV shows, capitalizing on their growing fame and further solidifying their status as cultural icons.
    • Celebrity Cat Endorsements: As cats continue to rise in popularity, they may become sought-after endorsers for various products and services, further enhancing their celebrity status.
  • The Future of Cat Fandom
    • Virtual Meet-and-Greets: Fans may have the opportunity to interact with their favorite cats in virtual reality, potentially replacing in-person meet-and-greets at cat shows and other events.
    • Cultural Shifts and Feline Appreciation: As more people adopt cats as companions, the cultural significance of felines may continue to grow, leading to even greater fame for feline celebrities.


1. Who is the most famous cat on the Internet?

The most famous cat on the Internet is a debateable topic, as there are many cats that have gained a significant following online. However, one cat that consistently ranks high in terms of popularity is Grumpy Cat. Grumpy Cat, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, gained fame in 2012 when a photo of her was posted on Reddit. She quickly became an internet sensation due to her unique appearance, which included a permanently grumpy expression. Since then, Grumpy Cat has been featured in numerous media outlets, appeared on talk shows, and even has her own merchandise line.

2. How did Grumpy Cat become famous?

Grumpy Cat became famous after a photo of her was posted on Reddit in 2012. The photo quickly gained traction and was shared across various social media platforms. People were drawn to Grumpy Cat’s unique appearance, particularly her permanently grumpy expression. This led to numerous media appearances, including on talk shows such as Good Morning America and The Today Show. Grumpy Cat’s popularity also led to the creation of her own merchandise line, including stuffed animals, t-shirts, and even a book.

3. Is Grumpy Cat a real cat?

Yes, Grumpy Cat is a real cat. Her real name is Tardar Sauce and she was born on April 4, 2012. She is a cat of mixed breeding, with a Tabby-and-White Maine Coon for a mother and a Van cat for a father. Grumpy Cat’s unique appearance, including her grumpy expression, is due to a genetic condition known as feline dwarfism. Despite her fame, Grumpy Cat’s owners have kept her life as normal as possible and she continues to live with them in her home in Arizona.

4. How old is Grumpy Cat?

As of 2023, Grumpy Cat is estimated to be around 11 years old. She was born on April 4, 2012, and has since become one of the most famous cats on the internet. Despite her age, Grumpy Cat remains a beloved internet celebrity and continues to inspire joy and laughter in people all over the world.

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