Who is the Cat That is Famous? A Deep Dive into the World of Cat Memes


Who is the cat that is famous? This question has been on everyone’s lips for years, especially in the world of the internet. With the rise of cat memes, a mysterious cat has taken the world by storm, capturing the hearts of millions. From the classic “I Can Has Cheezburger” to the hilarious “Cat Fail Compilation,” this cat has become a viral sensation, making it impossible to ignore its presence online. In this article, we will delve into the world of cat memes and try to uncover the identity of the famous feline. Get ready to discover the truth behind the most iconic cat on the internet.

The Rise of Cat Memes

The History of Cat Memes

Cat memes have been a staple of internet culture for years, with various cats and cat-related content being shared and reposted across social media platforms. However, the origins of cat memes can be traced back to a single image of a cat, known as “cat with glasses.”

  • The first known appearance of the “cat with glasses” meme was in 2012, when a photo of a white cat with black circles around its eyes was posted on Reddit.
  • The photo quickly gained popularity, and users began adding text captions to the image, creating the first cat meme.
  • The meme gained even more traction when it was posted on the popular blog “Crazy Cat Lady,” which led to it being shared on other websites and social media platforms.
  • Since then, cat memes have continued to grow in popularity, with various cat breeds and personalities being featured in hilarious and relatable memes.
  • The success of cat memes can be attributed to their ability to tap into the universal appeal of cats, as well as their versatility as a meme subject.
  • Today, cat memes continue to be a major part of internet culture, with new and popular cat memes being created and shared every day.

Popular Cat Meme Themes

As cat memes continue to flood the internet, certain themes have emerged as particularly popular. These themes often showcase the humorous and quirky nature of cats, capturing the hearts of internet users worldwide. Here are some of the most popular cat meme themes:

Cats Being Cats

One of the most prevalent cat meme themes revolves around the everyday behavior of felines. These memes capture the playful, curious, and sometimes mischievous nature of cats. They may depict cats chasing toys, knocking over objects, or simply lounging in their favorite spots. These relatable and amusing portrayals of cats being cats have resonated with cat owners and non-cat owners alike, becoming a staple of the cat meme world.

Grumpy Cats

Grumpy Cat, a meme sensation in the early 2010s, is arguably the most famous example of this theme. This particular meme featured a scowling tabby cat named Tardar Sauce, whose expression seemed to convey a perpetual state of dissatisfaction. The meme took the internet by storm, leading to Grumpy Cat’s appearance in various media, commercials, and even a film. Grumpy Cat’s success paved the way for other “grumpy” cats to emerge in the meme world, showcasing a humorous contrast between their frowned faces and playful behavior.

Cats in Costumes

Dressing up cats in costumes has become a beloved meme theme, often resulting in hilarious and heartwarming portrayals. These memes feature cats donning various outfits, from everyday clothing to elaborate cosplay, showcasing their personalities and bringing a touch of whimsy to the internet. The popularity of cat costumes extends beyond the meme world, with cat owners dressing up their feline companions for fun and events like cat shows and parades.

Cat Reactions

Cat reactions memes capture the humorous and sometimes bewildered expressions of cats in response to various situations or events. These memes often feature a side-by-side comparison of a cat’s reaction to something (such as another animal, a household object, or even a human behavior) and the cat’s typically calm or curious demeanor. This theme allows internet users to appreciate the unique and entertaining ways cats react to various stimuli, further solidifying their status as the undisputed rulers of the internet.

By exploring these popular cat meme themes, it becomes clear that cat memes have become a significant part of internet culture, bringing joy and laughter to millions of users worldwide.

Famous Cats in Cat Memes

Key takeaway: Cat memes have become a significant part of internet culture, bringing joy and laughter to millions of users worldwide. Popular cat meme themes include cats being cats, grumpy cats, cats in costumes, and cat reactions. Grumpy Cat and Keyboard Cat are two famous cats in the world of cat memes, with Grumpy Cat gaining popularity for her distinctive grumpy expression and Keyboard Cat featuring a white cat playing the keyboard. Cat memes have also appeared in movies, TV shows, and music videos, with the rise of social media platforms like Vine and TikTok fueling their popularity. The use of cat memes in music videos has helped to create a sense of community among fans and make videos more memorable and shareable. The future of cat memes is likely to continue to evolve with new trends and technologies emerging.

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat, born as Ariana, is a feline celebrity known for her distinctive grumpy expression. She gained immense popularity after her photos went viral on the internet, and she quickly became the face of numerous memes and internet sensations. Grumpy Cat’s grumpy face became a symbol of humorous dissatisfaction, often accompanied by sarcastic or ironic captions. Her unique appearance and expressive face have captured the hearts of millions, making her one of the most famous cats in the world of cat memes.

Grumpy Cat’s rise to fame began when her owner, Tabatha Bundesen, posted a photo of her on Reddit in 2012. The photo showed Ariana, a white and grey Tabby cat, with a distinctive grumpy expression. The photo went viral, and Grumpy Cat’s fame skyrocketed, leading to numerous television appearances, endorsement deals, and even a movie.

Grumpy Cat’s fame has also brought attention to her unique appearance, specifically her undershot jaw and small chin, which give her the appearance of a perpetually grumpy expression. This distinctive feature has become a defining characteristic of her brand, making her easily recognizable in the world of cat memes.

Despite her fame, Grumpy Cat’s owner, Tabatha Bundesen, has always been cautious about exploiting her cat for commercial purposes. She has carefully selected endorsement deals and appearances to ensure that they align with Grumpy Cat’s brand and do not compromise her well-being. This careful approach has helped maintain Grumpy Cat’s image as a beloved internet sensation rather than a commercialized product.

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In conclusion, Grumpy Cat is a feline celebrity who rose to fame through the world of cat memes. Her distinctive grumpy expression and unique appearance have captured the hearts of millions, making her one of the most recognizable cats on the internet. Her fame has brought attention to the world of cat memes and has solidified her place as a beloved internet sensation.

Keyboard Cat

Keyboard Cat is a popular meme that features a white cat playing the keyboard. The meme originated from a viral video of a cat named “Fatso” playing the keyboard in 2007. The video gained millions of views and was edited into various situations, depicting the cat as a pianist playing different songs. The meme has since become a symbol of creativity and humor on the internet.

The Keyboard Cat meme has been used in various contexts, including in videos, images, and even in music. It has been featured in numerous TV shows, movies, and commercials, and has become a staple of internet culture. The meme has also been parodied and remixed, with various versions appearing on the internet.

The popularity of Keyboard Cat has transcended the internet and has become a part of popular culture. It has been featured in music videos, commercials, and even in a stage show. The meme has also inspired a range of merchandise, including t-shirts, mugs, and even a mobile game.

Keyboard Cat has become a symbol of the internet’s creativity and humor, and its popularity continues to grow. It has become a beloved meme and has helped to define the internet’s unique culture.

Colonel Meow

Colonel Meow was a Himalayan-Siamese cat who gained internet fame in the late 2000s for his unusual appearance and penchant for excessive grooming. He was born in Canada in 2005 and lived with his owner, Ann Dubreuil, until his death in 2014.

Colonel Meow’s distinctive features included his long, lanky body, sparse fur, and protruding eyes. His grooming habits were also noteworthy, as he would meticulously clean his fur until it stood up in a fluffy, puffed-up style.

Colonel Meow’s fame grew after Dubreuil posted pictures of him on various online forums, which eventually led to his own website and even a book about his life. He became an iconic figure in the world of cat memes and was featured in numerous viral images and videos.

Despite his fame, Colonel Meow was known to be a sweet and gentle cat who loved his owner and was content with his quiet life at home. His legacy lives on through his numerous internet appearances and his enduring popularity as a beloved internet cat.

Cat Memes and Pop Culture

Cat Memes in Movies and TV Shows

  • Grumpy Cat
    • Grumpy Cat, also known as “Cashmere,” is a cat that became famous for her permanently “grumpy” facial expression.
    • Her unique appearance led to her being featured in various TV shows, commercials, and even a movie.
    • The viral nature of her image has been credited with helping to launch the trend of “grumpy” memes.
  • Keyboard Cat
    • Keyboard Cat is a meme that features a cat playing a keyboard, typically with the caption “playing keyboard.”
    • The meme gained popularity in the early 2000s and has since been featured in numerous TV shows, music videos, and commercials.
    • It has also inspired various spin-offs, such as “Guitar Cat” and “Drumset Cat.”
  • Nyan Cat
    • Nyan Cat is a meme that features a cat with a Pop-Tart body, flying through space, leaving a rainbow trail behind it.
    • The meme originated on the Japanese website “4chan” in 2011 and quickly spread to other parts of the internet.
    • It has since been featured in various TV shows, commercials, and even a feature-length film.
  • Meme-able Cats in Movies and TV Shows
    • Cats have been featured in movies and TV shows for decades, but the rise of the internet and social media has led to a new generation of meme-able cats.
    • Shows like “Catfish” and “Paw & Order: Feline Victims Unit” feature cats in prominent roles, while movies like “Cats” and “The Secret Life of Cats” showcase their comedic potential.
    • These shows and movies have helped to popularize certain breeds of cats, such as the Sphynx and the Scottish Fold, as well as certain cat behaviors, such as the “crying” sound they make when they want attention.

Cat Memes in Music Videos

The Rise of Cat Memes in Music Videos

In recent years, cat memes have become a popular trend in music videos, with many artists incorporating them into their visual content. This trend has been fueled by the popularity of social media platforms like Vine and TikTok, which have provided a platform for the spread of cat memes and other viral content.

The Impact of Cat Memes on Music Videos

The inclusion of cat memes in music videos has had a significant impact on the way that these videos are perceived by audiences. Many artists have found that adding a humorous or lighthearted element to their videos can help to make them more memorable and shareable, and cat memes provide a convenient way to achieve this.

Additionally, the use of cat memes in music videos has helped to create a sense of community among fans of a particular artist or genre. By incorporating a shared interest in cat memes into their videos, artists can help to build a sense of camaraderie among their audience, which can in turn help to promote their music and build their brand.

The Future of Cat Memes in Music Videos

As social media continues to evolve and new platforms emerge, it is likely that the use of cat memes in music videos will continue to grow and change. In the future, we may see even more innovative ways in which cat memes are incorporated into music videos, such as through the use of augmented reality or other emerging technologies.

Overall, the use of cat memes in music videos is just one example of how these humorous images have become a pervasive part of modern culture. Whether we are laughing at cats doing silly things or sharing them with friends and followers on social media, cat memes have become a way of life for many people, and they are likely to continue to play an important role in our online lives for years to come.

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The Psychology Behind Cat Memes

Why We Find Cat Memes Funny

Have you ever wondered why certain images or videos of cats can make you laugh uncontrollably? The answer lies in the intricate relationship between human psychology and the world of cat memes. In this section, we will delve into the psychological factors that contribute to the humorous appeal of cat memes.

  • Humor as an Adaptive Mechanism
    • The ability to find humor in situations is a fundamental aspect of human nature. It has been theorized that humor serves as an adaptive mechanism, helping individuals cope with stress and adversity. In the context of cat memes, humor provides a much-needed break from the monotony of daily life, allowing us to momentarily forget our worries and enjoy a lighthearted laugh.
  • The Surprise Element
    • One of the key components of humor is surprise. Cat memes often rely on this principle, as they often depict cats in unexpected or absurd situations. The element of surprise triggers a burst of dopamine in the brain, leading to feelings of pleasure and reward. This is why we often find ourselves giggling uncontrollably at a well-timed cat meme.
  • The Innate Attraction to Cats
    • Cats have been a part of human life for thousands of years, serving as both companions and hunters. It is believed that our innate attraction to cats stems from their ability to evoke feelings of comfort and relaxation. This connection may explain why cat memes are so universally appealing, as they tap into our natural fondness for these furry creatures.
  • The Power of Social Connection
    • Cat memes often go viral due to their ability to elicit strong emotional responses. When we share a funny cat meme with others, we are not only sharing the humor itself but also engaging in a form of social connection. Sharing a meme can be seen as a way to bond with others over a shared interest or experience, reinforcing our sense of belonging within a community.

By understanding the psychological factors that contribute to the humor of cat memes, we can gain a deeper appreciation for their enduring popularity and influence on modern culture. Whether it’s the surprise element, our innate attraction to cats, or the power of social connection, cat memes have a unique ability to bring people together and make us laugh along the way.

The Emotional Appeal of Cat Memes

One of the key reasons why cat memes have become so popular is their emotional appeal. People love to share and consume content that elicits a strong emotional response, and cat memes certainly deliver on that front. Here are some of the factors that contribute to the emotional appeal of cat memes:

  • Cuteness: One of the most common themes in cat memes is cuteness. From cute kittens to adorable cat GIFs, the internet is full of images that tug at our heartstrings. This cuteness factor is a major reason why cat memes are so shareable and engaging.
  • Humor: Another reason why cat memes are so popular is their humor. Whether it’s a funny cat video or a clever cat meme, these memes often use humor to elicit a smile or even a laugh. This humor factor is a key reason why cat memes have become such a popular form of entertainment.
  • Relatability: Many cat memes also tap into our emotions by being relatable. Whether it’s a meme about a cat owner’s daily struggles or a meme that captures a feeling we’ve all had at some point, cat memes often resonate with us on an emotional level. This relatability factor is a major reason why cat memes have become such a beloved form of content.

Overall, the emotional appeal of cat memes is a major factor in their popularity. Whether it’s their cuteness, humor, or relatability, cat memes have a way of touching our hearts and making us feel a little bit better about the world.

Creating Your Own Cat Memes

Tips for Making Successful Cat Memes

  • Start with a high-quality image of a cat.
  • Choose a relatable and humorous caption or scenario.
  • Keep the design simple and easy to read.
  • Use a consistent font and color scheme.
  • Use a relevant hashtag to increase visibility.
  • Keep the meme relevant to current events or popular culture.
  • Test the meme on a small group before posting.
  • Use appropriate captions and hashtags to target the desired audience.
  • Be original and creative to stand out among other cat memes.

Cat Meme Trends to Watch Out For

Cat memes have taken the internet by storm, and if you’re looking to create your own, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Here are some cat meme trends to watch out for:

  1. Cute Cat Videos: Cute cat videos are always a hit on social media. They can be short and sweet, featuring a cat doing something adorable or silly. These videos can be edited to feature music or sound effects, making them even more entertaining.
  2. Cat Owners’ Antics: Many cat owners share their own antics with their cats on social media. This can include funny moments like a cat knocking over objects or stealing food, or heartwarming moments like a cat snuggling up to its owner.
  3. Funny Cat Pictures: Funny cat pictures are another popular type of cat meme. These can be images of cats in silly or unexpected situations, or photoshopped images of cats in ridiculous scenarios.
  4. Cat Memes About Life: Cat memes that relate to everyday life are also popular. These can be memes about working from home, going to the grocery store, or dealing with difficult coworkers.
  5. Cat Reactions: Cat reactions to various situations can also make for hilarious memes. These can be reactions to new foods, strange noises, or unexpected events.

By keeping up with these cat meme trends, you can create memes that resonate with your audience and gain more engagement on social media.

The Enduring Appeal of Cat Memes

Cat memes have been a popular form of online content for years, capturing the hearts and minds of internet users around the world. But what is it about these seemingly innocuous images and videos that has made them so enduringly popular?

  • Universal Relatability: One of the primary reasons for the enduring appeal of cat memes is their universal relatability. Cats are a common household pet, and their quirky behaviors and antics are easily relatable to a wide audience. People can identify with the silly and sometimes nonsensical things that cats do, making them a perfect subject for memes.
  • Humor: Another reason for the enduring appeal of cat memes is their humor. Cats are known for their playful and mischievous personalities, and this is often reflected in the memes that feature them. From playing with toys to getting into mischief, cat memes are a source of laughter and joy for many people.
  • Expressiveness: Cats are also known for their expressive faces and body language, which makes them an ideal subject for memes. Whether it’s a cat’s “I’m a queen” pose or their infamous “I can has cheezburger” expression, cats have a unique ability to convey a wide range of emotions and reactions. This expressiveness makes them a versatile subject for memes, allowing creators to craft a wide variety of humorous and relatable content.
  • Emotional Connection: Finally, cat memes have an enduring appeal because they often evoke an emotional connection in viewers. Many people find comfort and joy in watching cats play, sleep, and interact with their surroundings. These memes can provide a much-needed break from the stresses of daily life, allowing people to relax and enjoy a few moments of lighthearted entertainment.
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Overall, the enduring appeal of cat memes can be attributed to their universal relatability, humor, expressiveness, and emotional connection. Whether you’re a cat lover or simply a fan of humor and entertainment, cat memes are sure to provide a source of enjoyment and amusement.

The Future of Cat Memes

  • Evolution of Cat Memes
    Cat memes have come a long way since their inception. From simple images of cats with humorous captions, they have evolved into a complex ecosystem of digital content. The future of cat memes looks promising, with new trends and styles emerging constantly.
  • Emerging Trends
    One of the emerging trends in cat memes is the use of AI-generated images. These images are created using machine learning algorithms and are capable of producing realistic cat images. This opens up new possibilities for meme creators, who can now produce high-quality cat memes with ease.
  • Interactive Memes
    Another trend that is gaining popularity is interactive memes. These memes allow users to engage with the content, often through a series of prompts or questions. This creates a unique user experience and encourages engagement.
  • VR Cat Memes
    As virtual reality technology becomes more advanced, it is possible that we will see the emergence of VR cat memes. These memes would be fully immersive, allowing users to experience the meme in a new and exciting way.
  • The Importance of Cat Memes
    Despite their lighthearted nature, cat memes have become an important part of internet culture. They have the power to bring people together and create a sense of community. As the future of cat memes continues to evolve, it is likely that they will continue to play an important role in online communication.


1. Who is the cat that is famous?

The cat that is famous is Grumpy Cat, also known as “Grumpy.” Grumpy Cat is a famous internet meme and celebrity cat who became famous for her facial expression that appears to be perpetually angry or grumpy. Her real name is “Phoenix,” but she gained fame for her unflattering expression that became a viral sensation on the internet.

2. What makes Grumpy Cat famous?

Grumpy Cat became famous due to her unique facial expression that appears to be perpetually angry or grumpy. Her expression has been captured in numerous memes, videos, and social media posts, which have been shared and viewed by millions of people around the world. Her popularity has transcended the internet and has been featured in various media outlets, including TV shows, commercials, and even a movie.

3. How did Grumpy Cat become famous?

Grumpy Cat’s fame began when her owner posted a photo of her on Reddit in 2012. The photo quickly gained traction and was edited into various memes and funny images, which further propelled her popularity. As her image spread across the internet, people began to recognize her unique expression and she became a viral sensation. Since then, Grumpy Cat has become a beloved internet celebrity and a cultural icon.

4. What is Grumpy Cat’s personality like?

Grumpy Cat’s real personality is a bit of a mystery, as she became famous for her facial expression rather than her behavior. However, based on interviews with her owner, Grumpy Cat is described as being friendly, playful, and affectionate with her owners and those she trusts. Despite her grumpy-looking face, she seems to be a happy and loving cat.

5. Is Grumpy Cat a breed?

Grumpy Cat is a Tabby cat, specifically a gray and white one. She belongs to the domestic cat breed, which is the most common breed of cat in the world. Her unique expression is likely due to her individual personality and genetics rather than any specific breed characteristics.

6. Can I meet Grumpy Cat in person?

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will be able to meet Grumpy Cat in person, as she is a private cat owned by her owner, Tabatha Bundesen. However, you can follow her official social media accounts and websites to stay updated on her latest appearances and news.

7. What does Grumpy Cat’s fame mean for the internet and meme culture?

Grumpy Cat’s fame has had a significant impact on the internet and meme culture. Her viral sensation has set a precedent for internet celebrities and memes, which have become a major part of internet culture. Grumpy Cat has inspired countless other memes and internet phenomena, and her popularity has paved the way for other animals and individuals to gain fame through the internet.

8. Is Grumpy Cat’s fame a fluke or a trend?

Grumpy Cat’s fame is both a fluke and a trend. On one hand, her unique expression was a chance occurrence that caught the attention of the internet. However, on the other hand, her fame has been sustained over time due to her relatability and appeal to a wide audience. Grumpy Cat’s success has inspired many other internet celebrities and memes, suggesting that there is a growing trend towards internet-based fame and viral sensations.

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