Unveiling the Mystery: Who is the Screaming Lady and Cat?


Have you ever come across a mysterious image of a screaming lady holding a cat and wondered who they were? Well, you’re not alone. This enigmatic picture has been making rounds on the internet for quite some time now, leaving everyone curious about the identity of the lady and the cat. In this article, we will delve deep into the mystery and unveil the true story behind this intriguing image. Get ready to uncover the truth behind the screaming lady and cat!

The Origin of the Screaming Lady and Cat Meme

The Creation of the Meme

  • The Screaming Lady and Cat meme was created in July 2019 by a Twitter user named @Aggiorno95.
  • The original tweet featured a picture of a woman screaming at a cat sitting at a table, with the caption “When you’re trying to have a nice breakfast but still gotta go to class.”
  • The tweet quickly gained traction and was shared widely across social media platforms.

The Evolution of the Meme

  • The meme gained popularity and evolved into various iterations, with different captions and scenarios.
  • It was often used to express frustration, annoyance, or disbelief in various situations.
  • The cat in the meme became an iconic symbol of calmness and indifference in the face of chaos.

The Impact of the Meme

  • The Screaming Lady and Cat meme became a cultural phenomenon and was widely used in various contexts.
  • It was featured in TV shows, movies, and even in political campaigns.
  • The meme also inspired numerous fan art and cosplay, further solidifying its impact on popular culture.

The Controversy Surrounding the Meme

  • Despite its widespread popularity, the meme also faced criticism for its potential to mock or belittle individuals experiencing anxiety or panic attacks.
  • Some argued that the meme perpetuated harmful stereotypes and stigmatized mental health issues.
  • As a result, some social media platforms removed the meme from their platforms or added warnings to the content.

Overall, the Screaming Lady and Cat meme became a cultural phenomenon that captured the attention of millions across the internet. Its impact on popular culture and its controversial nature make it an interesting topic to explore.

Meet the Screaming Lady and Cat Duo

Key takeaway: The Screaming Lady and Cat meme became a cultural phenomenon, capturing the attention of millions across the internet, with its impact on popular culture and controversial nature making it an interesting topic to explore. The meme’s origin, evolution, and impact, as well as the background information on the Screaming Lady and Cat Duo, and the woman behind the screaming, Taylor Armstrong, are all significant aspects of the meme’s story. The meme’s appeal and spread can be attributed to its emotional connection, relatability, memetic evolution, virality, cross-cultural appeal, and memetic longevity.

Background Information on the Screaming Lady

The Screaming Lady, also known as the “Distracted Boyfriend” meme girl, is a popular internet meme character who gained notoriety for her over-the-top reactions to everyday situations. Her real name is unknown to the public, but she is believed to be a former reality TV contestant from a dating show. The Screaming Lady’s face is often featured in viral memes, GIFs, and videos, where she expresses her outrage or excitement in a hilarious and unforgettable way.

Background Information on the Cat

The Cat, also known as “Cool Cat,” is a beloved internet meme character who is often featured alongside the Screaming Lady in various viral memes and social media posts. The Cat’s real identity is also unknown to the public, but it is believed that the feline star of the “Cool Cat” meme is a domestic shorthair cat named “Vibing Cat” or “Catwithglasses.” This adorable cat became an internet sensation due to its expressive face and unique sense of style, often wearing glasses and a bow tie.

Connection to the Meme

The Screaming Lady and Cat Duo became an internet sensation after a viral meme was created featuring the two characters. In the meme, the Screaming Lady is shown looking at a picture of the Cat with a look of shock and disbelief on her face. The caption reads, “When you see a fine ass cat,” making it a hilarious and relatable meme that quickly gained popularity on social media. Since then, the Screaming Lady and Cat Duo have become a beloved meme pairing, with countless memes and remixes featuring the two characters in various situations.

The Woman Behind the Screaming: Taylor Armstrong

  • Taylor Armstrong, a reality TV star, gained attention for her emotional outbursts on the show.
    • Discuss her involvement in the meme and how her reaction became a viral sensation.

Taylor Armstrong, born on April 25, 1971, in Texas, is a reality TV personality who first rose to fame on the hit Bravo series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Known for her outspoken nature and fiery personality, Armstrong quickly became a fan favorite, and her memorable moments on the show made her a household name.

In the early seasons of the show, Armstrong was known for her emotional outbursts, which often led to her being dubbed the “Screaming Lady.” One particular scene from the third season of the show became a viral sensation and cemented her place in pop culture history.

In this scene, Armstrong was attending a charity event with the other housewives when a heated argument broke out. As tensions rose, Armstrong could be seen shouting and waving her arms in the air, her face contorted with anger and frustration. The scene was quickly edited into a meme, with the soundbites of her screams and the iconic image of her pointing and waving her arms becoming a viral sensation.

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Armstrong’s involvement in the meme helped to solidify her status as a pop culture icon, and her image was soon seen everywhere from social media posts to T-shirts and other merchandise. Despite the controversy surrounding the meme, Armstrong has embraced her newfound status as a meme queen and has even joked about it on social media.

Overall, Taylor Armstrong’s emotional outburst on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” not only made her a reality TV star but also turned her into a viral sensation and a beloved meme.

The Mischievous Cat: Smudge Lord

A Cat Born for the Limelight

Smudge Lord, a charming and expressive feline, quickly became an internet sensation due to its captivating face. Its unique features, coupled with its lively and animated expressions, made it a beloved character among animal lovers and meme enthusiasts alike.

A Cat with a Winning Personality

Smudge Lord’s infectious energy and playful demeanor played a significant role in the virality of the meme. Its expressive eyes and wide grin captured the hearts of many, making it the perfect candidate for a memorable and enduring meme.

A Feline Star on the Rise

Smudge Lord’s rise to fame was rapid and well-deserved. Its expressive and endearing nature captured the essence of what makes a great meme subject. With its irresistible charm, it was only a matter of time before the world took notice and embraced it as a beloved internet sensation.

The Context Behind the Meme

  • Scene Analysis
    • The meme in question features a scene from the 2010 movie “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” specifically the climactic battle between the eponymous protagonist (played by Michael Cera) and the evil ex-boyfriend, Gideon (played by Daniel Radcliffe). The screaming lady and cat in question can be seen in the background of the scene, reacting to the fight.
    • The scene takes place in a large, abandoned theater in downtown Toronto, which serves as the venue for the climactic battle between Scott and Gideon. The theater’s dilapidated state adds to the chaotic and intense atmosphere of the scene.
  • The Meme’s Origins
    • The meme was first posted on the website “quickmeme.com” in 2013, where it gained significant traction and quickly spread across various social media platforms.
    • The meme became popular due to its ability to be easily captioned and edited, allowing users to create a wide variety of humorous scenarios and reactions for the screaming lady and cat.
    • The meme has since been featured in numerous articles, blog posts, and videos, further cementing its status as a viral sensation.
  • The True Story Behind the Image
    • The screaming lady and cat in the meme are actors, and their reaction was part of the original scene in “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.”
    • The screaming lady is portrayed by actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, while the cat is a trained animal actor named “Mews.”
    • The director, Edgar Wright, wanted to capture the chaotic and unpredictable nature of the scene, and the actors’ reactions were integral to achieving that effect.
    • In an interview, Mary Elizabeth Winstead explained that she was reacting to a piece of tape on the ground that indicated where the cat would be, as the cat’s movements were unpredictable and needed to be reacted to in real-time.

The Appeal and Spread of the Screaming Lady and Cat Meme

Emotional Connection

One reason the Screaming Lady and Cat meme gained widespread popularity is its ability to evoke a range of emotions in viewers. The combination of the screaming woman’s expression and the innocent-looking cat created a relatable scenario for many people.


Many individuals found the meme relatable due to its portrayal of everyday situations, such as frustration, exhaustion, or overwhelming emotions. People could identify with the woman’s emotional state and appreciate the comedic relief provided by the cat’s reaction.

Memetic Evolution

The Screaming Lady and Cat meme underwent several variations and adaptations, allowing it to evolve and remain relevant. Creators incorporated the meme into various contexts, such as political commentary, pop culture references, and social issues, further increasing its appeal and spread.


The Screaming Lady and Cat meme gained significant traction on social media platforms, such as Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram. Users shared and created their own versions of the meme, contributing to its virality and sustaining its popularity over time.

Cross-Cultural Appeal

The Screaming Lady and Cat meme transcended cultural boundaries, resonating with people from diverse backgrounds. Its universal appeal and ability to convey a wide range of emotions made it accessible and enjoyable for individuals worldwide.

Memetic Longevity

The Screaming Lady and Cat meme has remained relevant and popular since its emergence in 2018. Its enduring appeal can be attributed to its ability to convey a variety of emotions, its relatability, and its capacity to evolve and adapt to new contexts.

Social Media Amplification

The widespread adoption of social media platforms enabled the rapid dissemination of the Screaming Lady and Cat meme. Users shared, commented on, and remixed the meme, resulting in increased visibility and a broader audience.

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Online Communities

The meme’s appeal also benefited from its presence within online communities, such as forums, Discord servers, and Facebook groups. These platforms facilitated the sharing and discussion of the meme, further contributing to its popularity and longevity.

The Role of Humor

The Screaming Lady and Cat meme resonated with many people due to its humor and lightheartedness. It provided a welcome distraction from serious or mundane content, allowing viewers to enjoy a moment of amusement and levity.

Cultural Memes and Pop Culture References

The Screaming Lady and Cat meme drew inspiration from and contributed to the larger meme culture. It incorporated elements of popular culture, such as movies, TV shows, and internet trends, making it more appealing and engaging for a broader audience.

User-Generated Content

The meme’s spread was also fueled by user-generated content. As individuals created and shared their own interpretations and variations of the meme, it continued to evolve and maintain its relevance in the online sphere.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

The organic nature of the Screaming Lady and Cat meme’s spread relied heavily on word-of-mouth marketing. As people discussed and shared the meme with friends, family, and online communities, it gained momentum and widespread recognition.

Viral Challenges and Trends

The Screaming Lady and Cat meme often inspired viral challenges and trends, encouraging users to participate and further propagate the meme. These challenges contributed to its sustained popularity and adaptability.

Sharing and Discussion Platforms

Online platforms that facilitated the sharing and discussion of the meme, such as Reddit’s r/MemeEconomy subreddit, played a crucial role in its dissemination. These platforms provided a hub for meme enthusiasts to engage with and propagate the Screaming Lady and Cat meme.

Timing and Current Events

The Screaming Lady and Cat meme also gained traction during a time when internet users were seeking lighthearted content amidst global events and societal challenges. Its comedic relief and relatability made it an ideal distraction for many viewers.

Internet Memes as a Cultural Phenomenon

The widespread appeal of the Screaming Lady and Cat meme is indicative of the significance of internet memes as a cultural phenomenon. It highlights the power of memes to connect people across

The Impact of the Screaming Lady and Cat Meme

  • Widespread Recognition and Appeal:
    • The Screaming Lady and Cat meme has gained immense popularity across various social media platforms, forums, and websites.
    • Its universal appeal stems from the simplicity of its concept, which can be easily understood and related to by people from diverse backgrounds and age groups.
  • Persistence in Internet Culture:
    • Despite being created in 2015, the meme continues to thrive and evolve, with new variations and spin-offs being created and shared by users even years after its initial release.
    • This longevity is a testament to the enduring nature of memes and their ability to captivate audiences with their humor and relatability.
  • Cultural Significance:
    • The Screaming Lady and Cat meme has become a symbol of internet humor and meme culture, often referenced in discussions about the impact of memes on contemporary popular culture.
    • Its widespread recognition and cultural significance have made it a staple in internet culture, solidifying its place in the collective consciousness of online communities.
  • Cross-Platform Reach:
    • The meme has transcended individual platforms and has become a shared element across various online communities, including Reddit, Twitter, and Discord, among others.
    • This cross-platform reach is indicative of the meme’s adaptability and its ability to resonate with users across different online environments.
  • Impact on Internet Humor:
    • The Screaming Lady and Cat meme has influenced the way internet humor is consumed and shared, encouraging users to create and share their own unique interpretations and spin-offs.
    • Its influence on internet humor can be seen in the rise of similar meme formats and the incorporation of its theme into other popular internet memes and jokes.

Memes as a Form of Entertainment

  • Memes have become a significant part of modern entertainment and communication, serving as a means to express ideas, emotions, and humor in a shared digital space.
  • They are often created and shared through social media platforms, which have enabled rapid dissemination and virality of these cultural artifacts.
  • Memes have evolved into a powerful form of expression, reflecting and shaping popular culture, and influencing public opinion on various topics.
  • The role of memes in creating a sense of community and shared experiences is particularly noteworthy. They allow individuals to connect with like-minded people, fostering a sense of belonging and solidarity around shared interests or experiences.
  • Furthermore, memes often rely on visual elements, such as images or videos, which can be easily shared and consumed, making them highly engaging and accessible to a wide audience.
  • As a result, memes have become an integral part of online conversations and social interactions, with the potential to spread rapidly and gain widespread attention, as evidenced by the popularity of the Screaming Lady and Cat meme.

The Evolution of the Screaming Lady and Cat Meme

  • The Origin: The screaming lady and cat meme first emerged on the internet in 2018 as a still image from the popular video game, Among Us. In the original image, a character named “Pennywise” (played by a user named “Lil_Squeezy”) was shown jumping out from behind a corner and startling another character named “Minty” (played by a user named “Violet88”).
  • Viral Popularity: The image quickly gained viral popularity, as people began using it to create reaction images and gifs of themselves jumping out to surprise others. This led to the creation of numerous remixes and parodies of the original image.
  • Adaptations: The meme has been adapted to various contexts, including as a way to surprise friends, as a Halloween costume, and even as a political statement. It has also been featured in numerous TV shows and movies, including “The Good Place” and “The Simpsons”.
  • Evolution: Over time, the meme has evolved to include different characters and scenarios, with some variations becoming more popular than others. For example, a version featuring a person in a cat costume has gained significant popularity, with many people using it to create humorous videos.
  • The Future: The screaming lady and cat meme continues to evolve and adapt to new contexts, as it remains a popular way for people to express surprise and shock online. As the internet continues to change and evolve, it will be interesting to see how this meme adapts and changes with it.
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Memes as a Reflection of Society

The Role of Memes in Social Commentary

Memes have become a significant cultural phenomenon that allows individuals to express their opinions and experiences in a humorous way. They are a form of visual or textual content that spreads virally, often reflecting current events, trends, and societal issues. Memes like the screaming lady and cat meme have gained popularity as they encapsulate a shared experience or feeling in a relatable and amusing manner.

Analyzing Societal Trends and Values through Memes

Memes have proven to be an effective tool for reflecting societal trends and values. They often address contemporary topics and incorporate elements of popular culture, allowing for a deeper understanding of societal perspectives. The screaming lady and cat meme, for instance, has been used to express a range of emotions, from frustration and despair to humor and irony. This demonstrates how memes can capture the nuances of human experiences and emotions, offering insight into the collective consciousness of a society.

The Influence of Memes on Public Discourse

The prevalence of memes has significantly impacted public discourse, as they have become a platform for individuals to express their opinions and engage in discussions on various topics. Memes can influence societal norms and values by normalizing certain perspectives and ideas, thus shaping public opinion. The screaming lady and cat meme, in particular, has been used to express a wide range of sentiments, making it an influential tool for shaping public opinion on various issues.

Memes as a Reflection of Humor and Irony

Memes, including the screaming lady and cat meme, often employ humor and irony to comment on societal issues. This adds a layer of complexity to the understanding of memes, as they can be both entertaining and insightful. The screaming lady and cat meme, for example, has been used to convey humor and irony in situations where a more straightforward approach might not be appropriate. This further emphasizes the importance of memes as a reflection of society and its values.

In conclusion, memes, such as the screaming lady and cat meme, serve as a reflection of society’s trends, values, and humor. They offer a unique perspective on contemporary issues and allow individuals to express their opinions and experiences in a creative and relatable manner. As such, memes have become an influential force in shaping public discourse and providing insight into the collective consciousness of society.


1. Who is the screaming lady and cat?

The screaming lady and cat are characters from the popular meme “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.” The meme features a picture of a woman with a yellow shirt screaming and a cat in the background.

2. Where did the meme come from?

The meme originated from a viral video of a woman named Tanya Raphael, who was hired to promote a new product called “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” in a shopping mall. In the video, she is seen running through the mall screaming, “It’s not butter, it’s I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!” The meme was created from a still image of her screaming and has since been widely shared and remixed.

3. Why is the meme so popular?

The meme has become popular due to its absurdity and the shock value of the woman’s scream. It has been used in various contexts, such as to express disbelief or surprise, and has been remixed with different captions and images. The cat in the background of the original image has also become a popular meme character in its own right.

4. What is the origin of the cat in the meme?

The cat in the meme is a Turkish Van breed named Momo. Momo was adopted by Tanya Raphael, the woman in the original video, and has since become an internet celebrity. The cat has been featured in various memes and has even appeared on television shows.

5. Can I use the meme for commercial purposes?

It is important to note that the use of the meme for commercial purposes may be subject to copyright laws and may require permission from the creator or owner of the meme. It is always best to seek legal advice before using any copyrighted material for commercial purposes.

Why Is A Woman Screaming At A Cat?

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