Make Your Own Cat Toys at Home: A Comprehensive Guide


Welcome to this tutorial on how to make cat toys at home! We all know how much cats love to play, and there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing them enjoy a toy that you’ve personally crafted for them. In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through some simple and creative ideas for making homemade cat toys using everyday items that you probably already have at home. Let’s get started!

Understanding the Importance of Cat Toys

Cats are playful animals, and they require mental and physical stimulation to stay healthy and happy. Providing your cat with toys can help reduce their stress, prevent boredom, and minimize destructive behavior. Toys also provide an excellent opportunity for you to bond with your feline friend.

The Benefits of DIY Cat Toys

Making your own cat toys at home is an affordable and creative way to provide your cat with the stimulation they need. DIY cat toys are often more durable than store-bought ones and can be customized to your cat’s preferences. Moreover, creating toys for your cat can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your furry friend.

Materials and Tools Needed

To make your own cat toys, you will need some basic materials and tools. Here’s what you’ll need:

Making DIY cat toys is [an affordable and fun way]( to provide your furry friend with mental and physical stimulation, prevent destructive behavior, and bond with them. Some basic materials and tools to have on hand include yarn, felt, fabric scraps, scissors, glue, and catnip. With some creativity, you can make a variety of toys such as yarn balls, felt mice, pipe cleaner toys, cardboard scratching posts, ping pong balls, paper bag hideaways, and catnip socks.


  • Yarn
  • Felt
  • Fabric scraps
  • Catnip
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Cardboard
  • Ping pong balls
  • Paper bags
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  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Pencil or pen
  • Ruler

DIY Cat Toy Ideas

There are many different types of cat toys you can make at home. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Yarn Balls

Yarn balls are simple to make and provide hours of entertainment for your cat. To make a yarn ball, all you need is some yarn and scissors. Cut a piece of yarn about 8 inches long. Wrap the yarn around your fingers until you have a small ball. Tie the ends of the yarn together and cut off any excess.

2. Felt Mice

Felt mice are a classic cat toy that is easy to make. To make a felt mouse, you will need felt, scissors, and a needle and thread. Cut out two mouse-shaped pieces of felt and sew them together, leaving a small opening. Stuff the mouse with catnip and sew the opening closed.

3. Pipe Cleaner Toys

Pipe cleaner toys are a great way to provide your cat with mental stimulation. To make a pipe cleaner toy, twist two or three pipe cleaners together into a spiral shape. Bend the ends of the pipe cleaners to create a ball shape.

4. Cardboard Scratching Post

A cardboard scratching post is an excellent way to prevent your cat from scratching your furniture. Cut a piece of cardboard into a long strip and roll it up into a cylinder shape. Glue the edges of the cardboard together to secure it in place. Cover the cardboard with fabric or carpet scraps to make it more appealing to your cat.

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5. Ping Pong Balls

Ping pong balls are a fun and easy way to entertain your cat. Simply toss a ping pong ball across the room, and your cat will chase after it. You can also cut a small hole in a ping pong ball and stuff it with catnip for added stimulation.

6. Paper Bag Hideaway

Cats love to hide, and a paper bag can provide the perfect hiding spot. Cut the handles off a paper bag and open it up. Crumple up some paper and place it inside the bag. Your cat will love hiding and playing inside the bag.

7. Catnip Sock

A catnip sock is a simple toy that can provide hours of entertainment for your cat. Fill a sock with catnip and tie the end closed. Your cat will love playing and rolling around with the sock.

FAQs – Make Cat Toys at Home

Can I make cat toys at home?

Yes, you absolutely can make cat toys at home! Making your own cat toys can be a great way to save money, get creative, and ensure that you know exactly what materials are being used to make the toys.

What are some good materials to make cat toys with?

There are a ton of materials that you can use to make cat toys! Some common materials include cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes, old t-shirts or blankets, feathers, and catnip. You can also use things like ping pong balls, paper bags, and even popsicle sticks to make simple and fun cat toys.

How do I make a catnip toy for my cat?

Making a catnip toy is really easy! Start by cutting out two identical shapes from fabric or felt. Then, sew them together, leaving a small hole to fill with catnip. Once the toy is filled with catnip, sew the remaining hole closed. You can also make a catnip sachet by filling a small cloth bag with catnip and tying it closed.

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What are some DIY puzzle toys for cats?

How can I make a wand toy for my cat?

Making a wand toy is really simple! Start by attaching a small toy, such as a feather or a small ball, to a piece of string or ribbon. Then, tie the other end of the string or ribbon to a stick. You can use anything from a wooden dowel to a chopstick as the stick. Wave the wand in front of your cat and let them chase and play with the toy.

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